You ever experienced that moment right? When you’re lying in bed gazing at the ceiling sensing that there’s something just, beyond your grasp. It’s like a whisper from the universe that you’re straining to hear. That’s what they call your Third Eye Chakra – the doorway to your insights yearning to be cleared and acknowledged. 

Guess what? Crystals these fragments of the Earth’s essence might just hold the key to unlock that door. Join me on a journey where we delve into more than mere stones. We’ll explore soul connections, ancient energies and embark on a quest to reach the very core of who you are. Are you ready for enlightenment? Let’s venture forth together.

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Table of Contents:

What is The Third Eye Chakra?

Beginner's Guide to Third Eye Chakra

Your Third Eye Chakra is one of the 7 primary chakras part of your energetic chaka system. This chakra is responsible for how you intuitively see and connect with the world around you. It is responsible for that off feeling you get when something just isn’t right, or those epiphanies and realizations that come out of nowhere.

The Third Eye is positioned in the center of your forehead, and is supposed to resemble a “third eye”. Many ancient spiritual artworks incorporate the Third Eye as an actual eye. Many believe that the reason for this is because the ancients were so spiritually woke, they could literally see each other’s Third Eyes. This chakra is responsible for gaining an understanding of yourself and it governs your perspective of life and the world around you.

Many things in life can impact your Third Eye’s ability to see clearly, like smoking, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle, limited thinking, and restrictions imposed on you by yourself and others. Luckily, one of the best easy to free and unlock your Third Eye is through crystals, which I will tell you more about in just a bit.

Signs Your Third Eye Chakra is Blocked

Unblocking your Third Eye Chakra

There are many signs and symptoms of a blocked and restricted Third Eye Chakra. When you cannot see the underlying energy and intention present around you, you might be in trouble. Your Third Eye keeps you safe from the harmful things around you by making you see things that might not be too obvious, so understanding the signs can help alert you to focus on opening your Third Eye. 

Emotional Symptoms of a Blocked Third Eye

  • Feeling Disconnected: When your Third Eye is blocked, you cannot connect or feel one with the world around you. You feel scared and foreign no matter where you go, and your mind is filled with thoughts and anxieties that remove you from the present.
  • Lack of Intuition: Moments of just ‘knowing’ and clarity become less frequent. You cannot see the connection between your experiences and synchronicities stop happening in your life.
  • Overthinking: Your mind might feel like an endless labyrinth you are running through. You might be trapped in a cycle of thoughts that lead to increased anxiety or an ongoing sense of unease that you just cannot seem to get out of.
  • Fear of the Unknown: Instead of embracing what is not known, you are terrified of it. You run from things you don’t understand and lack the perception to try to understand and connect with it.
  • Loss of Purpose: You are constantly trying to find your purpose, and you cannot seem to connect with what your destiny is. You feel lost in a maze of trying to find what the universe has set out for you.

Physical Symptoms of a Blocked Third Eye

  • Headaches: Headaches around the forehead area may occur more frequently than usual.
  • Having trouble sleeping: Nights filled with restlessness where its difficult to fall asleep. You find yourself waking up frequently feeling as if you haven’t really had a proper rest.
  • Eye strain or discomfort: Your eyes may feel tired. You might notice an increased sensitivity to light which can make it more challenging to handle screens or sunny days.
  • Sinus problems: A noticeable increase in sinus related issues such as congestion, pressure or even infections could be an indication of something going on.
  • Feeling unbalanced: A general sense of being off kilter or experiencing dizziness especially when trying to concentrate.

Always pay attention to your body and emotions. They serve as indicators of your well being. If you resonate with these signs it may be worth exploring ways to heal and balance your Third Eye Chakra.

Why Use Crystals to Activate Your Third Eye Chakra?

Crystals to activate and unblock the Third Eye

Crystals offer more than appeal, they possess powerful energies that deeply resonate with our own. Everything in our universe vibrates and crystals have a steady vibe that when combined with intention harmonizes with our energy. This is particularly significant for the Third Eye Chakra, which serves as the center of our intuition and insight.

Throughout history civilizations such as the Egyptians and Mayans turned to these gems for practices and healing purposes. They recognized gemstones’ ability to enhance intuition and spiritual vision. And it’s not only about wisdom, incorporating crystals into meditation can intensify the experience facilitating profound dives into self connection.

They act as guardians safeguarding against energies that may obscure our Third Eyes clarity. As a result we experience lowered intuition and perception. Wearing or carrying a crystal can serve as a reminder and amplifier of our Third Eyes capabilities.

We mustn’t underestimate the beauty and inspiration that crystals bring to our lives. Just having them around serves as evidence of the universe’s nature and its ability to captivate us, encouraging us to explore our depths. Therefore when it comes to awakening our Third Eye Chakra crystals become companions. They are shimmering mentors guiding us towards enhanced intuition and profound understanding.

Best Crystals for The Third Eye Chakra

So, if you think you might need a spiritual and intuition tune up, dont stress, I know just the tool to service you. Crystals contain the vibration needed to restore equilibrium in your energy centers, making them the best and most convenient tool to use to get a quick energetic restoration throughout your chakras.

Allow yourself to try different crystals, as some might gel with you, and some might make you feel out of place, even if their intentions are good.

Amethyst for The Third Eye

Amethyst crystal to open the Third Eye

Amethyst is the best stone to awaken your Third Eye and see the divine truth around you. It’s known for calming the mind, making it super for meditating. And a fun fact? Some say it can help you with those crazy-vivid dreams and even astral adventures. So, maybe keep one under your pillow and see where the night takes you?

Lapis Lazuli for The Third Eye

Lapis Lazuli and clearing the Third Eye

Picture a deep blue sky at night with a sprinkle of golden stars – that’s Lapis Lazuli for you. Back in the day, royals and spiritual bigwigs were all over this stone. Why? It’s like a wisdom magnet, helping you understand yourself and the big, wide universe. If you’re curious about diving deep into your dreams or just connecting with your inner rockstar, Lapis Lazuli’s your guy.

Azurite for The Third Eye

Azurite Benefits for Third Eye Chakra

Azurite was used as paint by ancient egyptians. They would paint third eyes of their foreheads with this gemstone, believing its properties will help them ‘see’ more. It helps you think deep thoughts but doesn’t forget that sometimes, you just gotta go with your gut. If you’ve ever had those moments where you’re torn between thinking and feeling, Azurite has got you covered.

Kyanite for The Third Eye

Kyanite for boosting Third Eye insights

Kyanite is pure magic. With is wide spectrum of blue colors, it is the perfect stone for getting rid of blockages in your Third Eye, allowing for your energy meridians to flow freely and happy. Beyond its beauty, it’s a whiz at boosting psychic powers and making sense of life’s little (and big) coincidences. And bonus: it’s like a spiritual security guard, keeping bad vibes at bay.

How To Use Crystals to Activate the Third Eye Chakra

So, you’ve got these shiny, gorgeous crystals in hand and you’re like, “Now what?” Don’t sweat it! Using them to vibe with your Third Eye Chakra is easier than you might think:

Meditation with Crystals:

  • Find a comfy spot where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Hold your chosen crystal or place it on your forehead (the third eye location).
  • Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and imagine an indigo light (third eye chakra color) radiating from the crystal, filling your entire head with its energy.

Wearing Them:

  • Wear your crystals as jewelry, like a pendant or earrings.
  • Having them close helps you continuously absorb their energy and keeps that third eye buzz going.
Crystal grid patterns to open the Third Eye

Crystal Grids:

  • Set up a crystal grid around your meditation space. It’s like creating an energetic web that amplifies the power of each stone. 
  • There are tons of grid layouts online; find one that resonates with you!

Sleeping with Crystals:

  • Pop them under your pillow or keep them on the nightstand. 
  • Some folks swear by the dreams and insights they get with a crystal buddy nearby.

Third Eye Crystal Baths:

  • Add some sea salt and your chosen third eye crystals (make sure they’re water-safe) in a bath. 
  • Relax, soak, and imagine the crystal energies cleansing and activating your third eye.
Setting intentions with Third Eye Crystals

Intention Setting:

  • Hold your crystal, close your eyes, and set an intention. 
  • It could be something like, “I open my third eye to see the truth clearly.” The crystal will vibe with this intention, giving you a boost.
  • Remember, like with all spiritual practices, consistency is key. 
  • The more you connect with your crystals, the stronger the bond. 
  • And hey, trust your intuition. If something feels right (or not so right), go with that gut feeling. Your inner wisdom knows its stuff!
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