In the world of mystical healing crystals, Lapis Lazuli truly stands out. The stone’s deep blue and shimmering hue, unique name, and rich history make it quite popular among gem collectors and fashion-savvy individuals worldwide. 

But this famous Wisdom Stone is more than just a beautiful gem. Its strong healing properties may help you eliminate depression, reduce blood pressure, and soothe your thyroid issues. 

Lapis Lazuli is a true depiction of the night sky, making you the lucky one to own it. If you want to invest in the stone right now, dig in to know all about it before you make a purchase. 


Lapis Lazuli Crystal Meaning and History

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest crystals that was first discovered in Afghanistan. It is made up of lazurite, which gives the stone its unique dark blue color. 

Besides, the sodalite and calcite in the crystal’s composition add a hint of cloudiness to the gem’s appearance. The stone’s sparkly sheen comes from the Pyrite. 

The name Lapis Lazuli dances on your tongue as you speak it. It has a rich and unique sound, but most importantly, its meaning is what takes all the credit. 

Lapis Lazuli stands for heaven or the sky, as per a source. In some languages, the unique name also means the blue stone. 

Why is Lapis Lazuli So Famous and Powerful?

This metamorphic rock is often referred to as the ‘wisdom keeper.’ It’s mostly because the gem is believed to enlighten the mind and increase your self-awareness. 

But what makes this stone stand out is its rich history. The gem was one of the most highly loved crystals in Egypt and Rome. The stone appears as sapphire in the Old Testament for reasons unknown, but it takes its place as the fifth stone on the breastplate of the original High Priest.

Additionally, most burial ornaments of Egyptian kings and queens were inlaid with the blue stone because of its shine and spiritual value. Lapis Lazuli was believed to provide a strong contrast against Egypt’s dry and dull desert hues. 

The gem’s gold flakes resemble the stars in the night sky. Egyptians used to meditate with the stone with the belief of transforming their lives for good. Interestingly, most priests and royalties had their garments dyed with Lapis Lazuli to increase their status. 

The stone’s fame grew immensely among the Greeks and Romans, too. They not only used it as an ornamental gem but also believed in it to ward off evil and favor the spirits of light and wisdom. 

Lapis Lazuli had been quite the favorite stone of many well-known people as well. For instance, the popular painter, Michelangelo favored the stone’s rich color for his work. Similarly, Catherine the Great owned a whole room in her palace with Lapis Lazuli adorned on mirror frames, fireplaces, walls, and doors. 

We can’t deny that there is something unusual about Lapis Lazuli that ignites the mind and attracts the souls of people then and even today. Let’s dig deeper to find that out. 

What Does the Beautiful Blue Lapis Lazuli Do? Healing Benefits Defined!

The deep blue stone with gold and purple shades had made painters, kings, and queens fall head over heels for the poetic color. But there is more to this stone than just its mesmerizing appearance that has taken the world by storm. 

Lapis Lazuli’s great healing powers can change how you live your life right now. It not only impacts your physical health but also takes away all your mental worries, letting you embark on a soulful and peaceful journey. 

Lapis Lazuli for Your Physical Health

Are you a victim of insomnia or depression? Do you have low immunity or suffer from increased blood pressure? 

If yes, know that Lapis Lazuli can be your number one companion to beat all these ailments. 

The gem works as a great booster for your body. It can successfully knock off all physical problems in your system, giving you your desired body in no time. 

You can also wear the blue starry gem to fight against nervous and respiratory health issues. It helps reduce inflammation in your lungs while dealing with problems in your thyroid and throat. 

It is safe to say that a Lapis Lazuli stone gives your body a fresh start by flushing out all the toxins and allowing your system to thrive. 

Get Lapis Lazuli to Nurture Your Mental State

The charming stone can nurture your mind through its extraordinary healing properties. Whether you suffer from a lack of self-expression, awareness, or the ability to build bonds with family and friends, wearing or owning a Lapis Lazuli stone in your life can give you an excellent boost of all these emotions effortlessly. 

Lapis Lazuli is a magical healing crystal that can successfully pull you out of your episodes of suppression and weakness. The regal blue stone reminds you of your great worth, making you feel confident. 

Moreover, this game-changer crystal helps you be expressive and gives you the courage to speak the truth. You can then use this power to strengthen existing bonds and make new ones without hesitation. 

This is what this stone does to you. It helps you be brave so you can cross all barriers to live a life on your own terms. 

Lapis Lazuli’s Association with Spirituality and the Chakras

Like most other stones, Lapis Lazuli is affiliated with two chakras: the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. The stone’s purple and blue hues represent these chakras, signifying elements like spiritual connection and self-expression. 

Lapis Lazuli is a perfect healing gift for anyone suffering from a low-functioning throat chakra. It helps elevate communication and expression, allowing you to voice your opinion and stand yourself where possible. 

It also connects with the third eye chakra. The gem helps to make sure that your low-performing third eye chakra strengthens over time. This often results in building a solid connection with the divine and unlocking your self-awareness potential successfully. 

If you believe in chakras, know that Lapis Lazuli can do wonders for your body. However, you must wear and use it properly to reap all its excellent benefits effortlessly. 

Are you looking for tips in this regard? We have some amazing ones for you. 

Wearing and Using Lapis Lazuli the Right Way

As a birthstone for September, Lapis Lazuli has been associated with the zodiac sign Leo. The connection is quite strong and has been built with the belief that the vibrant energy of the stone has a strong resonation with Leo’s ambitious and confident nature. 

You can also wear this stone with Virgo, Gemini, Taurus, and Libra as your zodiac sign. 

However, make sure that you use it wisely to unleash all its amazing powers. Here are a few tips to follow. 

  • Pair the stone with a suitable mantra: It is always a great idea to pair Lapis Lazuli with an affirmation like “I take the lead in my own life.” You can repeat the mantra while meditating and holding the stone in your hand. 
  • Hold the stone while journaling: This is one of the most unique ways to use the stone. Grab your Lapis Lazuli in your non-dominant hand while writing, noting five things in your journal to be a leader in your own life. This top works like magic, especially if you have been unclear about your goals lately. 
  • Wear it proudly: The well-known spiritual author Emma Mildon suggests wearing the crystal as jewelry pieces to benefit from its energy all day. Since the stone is directly related to the throat chakra, it is a great idea to wear it as a pendant or necklace. By wearing it this way, you will notice a significant improvement in your self-expression and ability to speak the truth. 
  • Add the stone to your altar: If you have altars or crystal grids at home, incorporate your Lapis Lazuli smartly. Make sure to place the altar in a safe place so its energy spreads around without any distractions. 
  • Place the crystal in your bedroom: You can place the crystal in your bedroom, allowing you to tap into your inner power as you sleep. If you have insomnia, Lapis Lazuli’s energetic presence works as a lullaby to help you sleep as long as you want. 

You can also wear the blue stone with other crystals. For instance, it pairs well with Amethyst for boosting your intuition. 

Similarly, to increase your wealth and prosperity, you can wear a Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite. 

Stones like Aquamarine, Turquoise, and Celestite also help add value to your Lapis Lazuli, giving it the power to make all your dreams come true. 

Who Shouldn’t Wear the Lapis Lazuli Crystal?

The stone is not for everyone. If you are allergic to sulfur and copper, you should avoid it at all costs. 

Moreover, since it is a soft tone, it is not for someone who is hard on their jewelry pieces like this bracelet set. . For the rest, it is one the best crystals to have. 

Cleanse Your Lapis Lazuli for its Great Performance 

All crystals need to be cleansed now, and then so they perform as expected. Since a Lapis Lazuli has a hardness between 5 and 6, you can clean it with running water. However, avoid keeping it under the tap for too long. 

You can also smudge the stone with smoke or sound. At times, experts  suggest cleaning crystals with your own breath. 

But the most common method used is usually cleansing gemstones using the moon or sunlight. 

Wrapping Up

To live in this world, you must speak the truth and take charge of your life so no one does it for you. If you think you need a push and assistance to do all that, use or wear a Lapis Lazuli crystal right away. 

The striking blue stone not only helps you shine like a star but also gives you the clarity and motivation to move forward. 

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