You’ve probably heard phrases like these used before; healing crystals, crystal healing, crystal energy. In recent years, they have become the craze for many Americans.

But how exactly does any of these work and how exactly can you get started? We will discuss all this and more in this beginner’s guide to crystal healing.

In this article:

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing, as the name implies, is an alternative form of healthcare that uses crystals for healing. It is a holistic therapy that involves the use of various gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

The system of crystal healing is one that has been in existence for several centuries. With various examples of its practice having been recorded as far back as 6,000 years ago with the ancient Sumerians and Mesopotamians, this form of alternative medicine enjoys a rich and diverse history.

The entirety of crystal healing therapy rests on the concept of crystal energy.

What is Crystal Energy?

Different crystals and gemstones are believed to have unique properties that, upon interacting with the human body’s energy field, can produce various beneficial effects. This is what is referred to as crystal energy. These energies vary from crystal to crystal, and a proper understanding of these energies and how to manipulate them is important for understanding crystal healing therapy.

How Does Crystal Energy Work?

Crystal energy, the core principle of crystal healing, is a concept rooted in the belief that gemstones have energies that can interact with the human body’s unique energy field or aura. When these crystals come in contact with a human’s energy field, the interaction between these two distinct energies is believed to be capable of producing physical, emotional, and/or spiritual effects.

While there is currently no scientific validation for the concept of crystal energies, it is a scientific fact that different gemstones have different unique vibrations. These vibrations are the results of the crystals’ unique energies.

What are the Different Categories of Crystals?

When the uninitiated hear the term healing crystals, they often associate them with heath. While many of these crystals do in fact benefit your health, there is more to these crystals than just health benefits.

Typically, healing crystals have been known to fit into one or more of the following categories:

1. Crystals that Affect Health:

Crystals that fall under these categories are often associated with providing some physical or mental health benefits. These are crystals for healing, perfect for individuals looking to enjoy health benefits from crystal therapy. Some of these include clear quartz, jasper, obsidian, amethyst, and bloodstone.

2. Crystals that Affect Wealth:

These crystals are often associated with energies of abundance, prosperity, and wealth. They are a perfect choice for individuals looking for career success or good fortune in their endeavors. Some of these crystals include jade, citrine, turquoise, and sapphire.

3. Crystals that Affect the Spirit:

These are crystals known to improve a user’s connection to the spiritual. They are the perfect crystals for connecting users to their higher selves, empowering the spirit, and connecting individuals to the universe, nature, and a higher plane of existence. Some of these crystals include jasper and amethyst.

4. Crystals that Influence Love:

Crystals that fall under this category have been known to amplify or influence the heart and emotions. Mostly associated with feelings of love, these crystals can also be used to stroke the fires of passion, amplify sexual attraction, and so on. Some of these crystals include rose quartz, moonstone, and ruby.

5. Protective Crystals:

Some crystals have been known to have protective energies. These crystals are known to serve as wards against negative energies and emotions or to act as purifiers against negativity or unwanted auras. Some of these include obsidian, citrine, turquoise, and tiger’s eye.

6. Amplifiers:

Amplifiers are crystals known for their ability to boost energies. This could be the energies of other crystals, the energy of the user, or the natural energies present in a location. They are often used in combination with other crystals to boost their effects and magnify their benefits. Some of these crystals include clear quartz and rose quartz.

An Introduction to the Major Healing Crystals for Newbies

There are various individual healing crystals employed for crystal healing therapy. The majority of these crystals have energies with multiple properties. Below are 14 of the most popular ones, their properties, and what they are majorly used for.

1. Clear Quartz

Often referred to as “rock crystal,” clear quartz is one of the most versatile and widely recognized crystals in the world of crystal healing. Known to be a powerful amplifier of energy and intention, this crystal has been a popular healing crystal since the time of the ancient Egyptians who carved them into amulets of worship.

Clear quartz was also a popular crystal amongst ancient Greeks who associated the crystal with the goddess Aphrodite, considering it a great amplifier of love and beauty.

2. Amethyst

Associated with tranquility and spiritual growth, amethyst is a healing crystal often associated with mental and spiritual growth, healing, and purification. It is a crystal frequently used for calming the mind, inducing clarity of thought, enhancing intuition, promoting sobriety, and connecting one to their higher self.

A perfect choice for individuals looking to attain spiritual and behavioral growth, this crystal has been known to help bring forth feelings of humility and sincerity and promote spiritual wisdom.

3. Rose Quartz

Known as the “stone of love,” rose quartz is a powerful love crystal known for its unique ability to open the heart chakra.

Associated with energies that affect the emotions and matters of the heart, specifically feelings of love and compassion, both for one’s self and others. This crystal is often used to attract love, amplify feelings of passion and attraction, improve self-love, and mend the heart after a heartbreak or loss.

4. Citrine

Citrine is a protective crystal known for its ability to attract positive energy. A great choice for individuals struggling with negativity, this crystal helps eliminate negative emotions by attracting positive ones.

Perfect for Individuals struggling with emotions like fear or doubt, this healing crystal offers protection from such negative emotions by constantly attracting positivity; especially feelings of clarity, warmth, and optimism.

5. Lapis Lazuli

A spiritual crystal often associated with wisdom, truth, and self-awareness, Lapis Lazuli is a healing crystal that enjoys a rich history. Known for its ability to connect users to their higher selves, higher planes of reality, and the universe at large, lapis lazuli is a great crystal for individuals looking for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

It is also believed to enhance one’s understanding of self, leading to increased confidence, better communication skills, and self-expression.

6. Obsidian

One of the most potent protective stones known to man, obsidian is a powerful protective healing crystal known for its ability to shield users from negative energies of all kinds. It is also great for getting rid of negativity already present in a person’s aura, serving as a great purifier.

Trusted for centuries to be a ward against physical and emotional negativity as well as bad luck, obsidian is often used in combination with other crystals with positive energies to attract positivity while it keeps negativity out.

7. Jasper

Jasper is another spiritual crystal often referred to as the supreme nurturer. This is a crystal known for its ability to nurture the soul, empower the spirit, promote courage and confidence, and provide support during times of need.

It also serves as a purifier, capable of eliminating negative energy by absorbing and nullifying it.

8. Tiger’s Eye

This is a powerful amplifier known for its ability to amplify feelings of power, concentration, and a strong will. Known to be able to rid the body of fear, anxiety, and doubt, this is a stone perfect for use by individuals looking to make important decisions with a clear head.

9. Bloodstone

A powerful healing stone and purifier, bloodstone is known to balance one’s energies, draw our negative energies, and encourage the circulation of energies and ideas. This is a stone that promotes creativity fosters genius, and improves the production of ideas while reducing irritability, impatience, stress, and anxiety.

10. Jade

Jade is a powerful crystal associated with good fortune, wealth, harmony, and balance. Believed to bring prosperity and promote inner peace, jade is a crystal associated with wealth, both physical and spiritual.

11. Moonstone

Moonstone is a healing stone often linked to feminine energy and new beginnings. This stone encourages growth and progress and is perfect for individuals looking to move forward after trying or heartbreaking events.

If you are looking to take a big step or are in the process of a stressful change or transition, this stone is a great choice for you.

12. Ruby

Ruby is a health and love crystal often associated with the burning flames of passion, sensuality, and sexuality. This stone is a great amplifier of the sensual and passionate; a great tool for restoring vitality, promoting sexuality and sensuality, and boosting energy levels.

13. Sapphire

Sapphire is a crystal often associated with wisdom and royalty. This is a predominantly wealth-focused crystal with energies linked to both physical and spiritual wealth. It is a crystal used to attract prosperity, happiness, and fortune of all kinds.

It is also a great choice for individuals looking to promote feelings of positivity and bliss.

14. Turquoise

Turquoise is a healing crystal known for its ability to balance out energies. This crystal can help heal the body, mind, and soul, by fixing any imbalances in the user’s energy. Using this crystal often leads to a feeling of inner calm, balance, and protection.

It is also often associated with enhancing communication and creativity.

How to Harness Crystal Energy

Harnessing the power of crystal healing is a rather simple affair; it is just a matter of using the right healing crystal. Before choosing a healing crystal though, it is important to first identify what property you are looking for in your crystal, or what effect you’d like to initiate. Once you know what you are looking for in a healing crystal, you can then choose one that possesses your desired qualities.

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