Are you interested in crystal healing but not sure how to use your stones yet? Two of the basic tasks you must do regularly when using crystals are to charge and cleanse them. There are a variety of ways you can cleanse or charge crystals but you must find a method that works for you. 

To help you decide on the best crystal charging and cleansing methods, we’ve provided you with ones that work well no matter what type of crystals you have. We also explain what can happen if you don’t recharge crystals or cleanse them regularly. Keep reading to find out more!


The Difference Between Cleansing and Charging Crystals
Why Should You Charge Crystals?
Why is it Important to Cleanse Crystals? 
What Happens if You Don’t Charge or Cleanse Your Crystals? 
How to Charge Crystals
How to Cleanse Crystals 
Final Thoughts

The Difference Between Cleansing and Charging Crystals

Often the words ‘cleanse’ and ‘charge’ are used interchangeably when referring to crystals. However, there is a distinct difference between the two methods. Cleansing stone rituals is when you restore the crystal to its natural state, while recharging replaces the crystal’s energy. 

Why Should You Charge Crystals?

Crystals are used for healing or to manifest your desires into reality. Charging your crystals now and then can give your crystals an energy boost and may even add intensity to your intentions during manifestation.

If you’ve already set your intentions but want to complete a new one, recharging your crystals can reset them. The crystals will then be more powerful and help you manifest your intentions more effectively. You can also use crystals for cleansing your aura

Why is it Important to Cleanse Crystals? 

Another way crystals are used is to remove negative energy from the body. When you use your crystals for healing you can redirect or remove the negative energy from your body but it’s important to cleanse the crystals first. 

Cleansing crystals will ensure that they are charged with positive energy and also returned to their natural state. The cleansing process ensures that your crystals will continue to benefit you especially if you’re using them for healing.  

What Happens if You Don’t Charge or Cleanse Your Crystals? 

If you don’t recharge or cleanse your crystals after every use, they could become ineffective. Crystals can absorb, store, and emit positive energy. But when crystals aren’t charged or cleansed correctly they can lose their energetic potency.

The more you use your crystals or stones the more they’ll need to be cleansed or recharged. Some people may recharge their crystals after every use, but it’s also fine if you recharge them once a month.  

How to Charge Crystals

Place Crystals Under a Full Moon

If you decide to recharge crystals once a month then doing so under a full moon is the best charging method. The full moon is the most powerful event of the lunar cycle

To use this method, place all your crystals on the ground or your windowsill where it gets the most moonlight during a full moon. Leave the crystals to charge overnight so they can draw in the lunar energy. Remember to collect them early in the morning. 

A Crystal Sound Bath 

Using sound is a powerful way to recharge your crystals and it’s the ideal method if you want to replace energy in more than one stone. Simply place all your crystals in a singing bowl and ring it using a mallet. You can also use a tuning fork for this method. 

Submerge Your Crystals in Salt Water 

Items used to recharge crystals must be in their most natural form. For example, if you’re using water, consider using pure spring water. But another method is using salt water. Use natural sea salt with a bit of spring water and submerge all your stones in the solution. 

Experts suggest avoiding using this method for softer stones like calcite, opal bracelets, and turquoise because they can scratch easily. 

How to Cleanse Crystals 

Using Natural Light 

Although there are cleaning ritual recharging methods like using certain points in the lunar cycle, you can also cleanse your crystals at any time of the day. The use of natural light can remove negative energies from your crystals more effectively especially if you have crystals for your crown chakras.

Place your crystals outside just before dusk, so that your stones can be cleansed using the power of the sun and the moon. It’s important to note that prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight can damage your stones so make sure you collect them early in the morning. 

A Sage Cleanse 

Many people use herbs to remove dark energies from their surroundings or their spiritual items like gemstones and crystals. Sage is one herb that has a variety of healing properties and can remove unwanted energy from your space. This process is called smudging. 

All you need is a fire bowl, a bundle of sage, and a lighter. Make sure you’re near an open window or door so the negative energy can leave the area. When you’re ready, light the tip of the sage bundle and hold it in your non-dominant hand. 

Allow the smoke to circle the stone between 30 and 40 seconds. However, if you haven’t cleansed your stones in a while or you feel they’re holding on to a lot of heavy and negative energy, consider smudging them for longer. This works for all types of stones like aquamarine and opal. 

Use Running Water 

Water is the best source to neutralize and remove negative energy from objects, especially your crystal collection. Run your crystals under a natural stream of water and make sure your stones are completely submerged. 

Allow the water to run over the crystals for at least 1 minute. This method is best used on stones like hard quartz. Experts suggest not to use this method for softer stones like halite. When you’re done cleaning your stones, pat them dry with a soft cloth. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see there are many methods you can use to cleanse and recharge your crystals. Use a method that’s safe to use on the type of crystals you have. Sage smudging may be the best cleansing ritual because it won’t scratch or damage your stones. 

Once you’ve completed your charge and cleaning ritual store crystals in a safe place so that they don’t absorb the energies around them. Use a silk scarf or a soft pouch to store your stones so they don’t get damaged. 

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