Crystals are a fascinating natural phenomenon. For the most part, they are stunningly beautiful, but what are crystals used for?

Before we can answer the question, let’s find out what precisely crystals are.


What Are Crystals?

A crystal is a solid structure with atoms neatly organized in a specific pattern. Some minerals have their atoms arranged in highly organized patterns, which means they are crystals. However, not all minerals are crystals because they don’t always form crystalline structures.

Crystals are also not always formed by minerals; they can be formed by other substances. For example, water is a non-mineral substance that can form crystals when it freezes.

What Are Crystals Used For?

Crystals are used for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. You can choose a crystal to help you achieve a goal, protect you against negative energy, attract love or abundance into your life, boost your self-esteem, and calm yourself and others, to name just a few of the many ways that crystals can enhance life.

Starting Your Crystal Journey

I’m sure your first question is: how do I choose a crystal? In my experience, two factors play a role: why you need one, and what crystal you are drawn to.

Most people who work with crystals will tell you that they can’t advise you on what crystal you should buy. Choosing a crystal is a very personal to each individual.

When you decide to buy a crystal, think about what aspect of your life you need assistance with. In which aspect of your life are you experiencing a problem or need a change? Once you know the answer, approach your crystal-buying with that question in mind.

The next step is to simply look at all the gemstones in the shop and notice which one catches your eye. Every time I need a crystal the following happens without fail. There is always one that stays with me for some reason even after I have looked through them all.

The strange thing is, when I take my choice to the crystal dealer, the properties of the stone are inevitably perfect for the issue I want to work on!

So, when choosing your first crystal, trust your gut.

Where to Buy Crystals

Most people head to a local metaphysical shop that stocks gemstones. That’s a good place to start. If you have a gem mine in your area, it’s the ideal place to spend some time learning about gemstones and picking out a few stones. Yes, you can use more than one healing crystal.

Another option would be to search online for people who practice alternative healing modalities – if they don’t have any crystals for sale, they will know where you will be able to buy some.

Of course, you can also buy your crystals online. Always verify whether they are committed to ethical practices, have a return & refund policy, and can be contacted should a problem arise.

Note: It’s important to search for ethically sourced gemstones. You don’t want to own stones that were mined in dangerous conditions using child labor. Before you buy, make sure you are dealing with a high-quality seller who deals directly with mines, so they can tell you exactly where and under what conditions the stones were mined.

Where to Buy Authentic Crystal Jewelry

Just like you would for reputable metaphysical stores, crystal shops, or certified dealers when shopping for crystals, you should do the same when buying crystal jewelry.

As a general rule of thumb, authentic crystals feel cool, feel somewhat heavy compared to fake crystals, and they are naturally imperfect. Stones that feel very light are invariably fake.

Again, the best course of action is to buy your crystal jewelry from a reputable crystal outlet run by a knowledgeable crystal dealer.

Crystals to Start With

To start your crystal journey, it’s good to get familiar with the most common and popular stones and to learn about their specific properties. Here is a selection of starter crystals that will help you realize your intentions.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz’s special quality lies in its physical appearance: colorless and transparent, like a crystal clear stream of water. Working with this crystal leads you to clarity on your goals and intentions.

Also called the Master Healer, clear quartz intensifies the vibrations of other stones, so it’s a must-have stone to have in your collection.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that most crystal lovers own. The energy of rose quartz helps to heal the heart chakra, supporting the entire love relation spectrum, from family, and friendships to life partners and self-love.   

If you want to work on the relationships in your life, a rose quartz crystal can be of great assistance.


Known for its stunning purple hue, amethyst is associated with powerful spiritual properties and the ability to help people deal with their emotions. You can use it to calm your mood, relieve stress, and soothe your irritability. The stone is also effective for anger, and anxiety. It can also help you to deal with sadness and grief.

It is a wonderful stone to have around in these troubled times


Many people buy black obsidian as their first stone. It is regarded as a protective stone and is used to deal with negative energy. Obsidian is believed to be able to block and transform negative energy, including negative energies that result from past traumas.


When you feel a slump in your energy levels, it’s time for a carnelian crystal. The vibrant oranges and reds of the stone say it all: wear me and I will boost your energy. People use this stone for its ability to stimulate physical and creative energies. If you feel blocked, this stone will dissolve what’s blocking you and set you on a path toward creative expression.

Final Thoughts

Crystals are a fascinating subject. Once you start delving into these beautiful creations of mother earth, you are on a road to discovery that will benefit you throughout your life. Find out where to buy crystals in your area and start you journey with crystals.

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