Libra is sociable and constantly pursues equality and justice. Libra, born between September 23 and October 22, embodies the qualities of balance, harmony, and artistic tendencies. People born under this sign are recognized for their nature, social charm and aesthetic abilities.

Libras are fascinated by balance, which is why they make excellent mediators in arguments (although most of the time, they prefer to avoid confrontation). However, while striving to maintain balance is admirable, it can sometimes lead to indecision and inner turmoil.

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Libra Personality Traits Analysis

As an air sign, Libra has very strong self-esteem and is not good at expressing. It seems that they are born with a high sense of aesthetics, sensitivity and insight. Possessing intelligence as free as the wind and a flexible and agile mind, he is a thinker who can capture things from many aspects.

Libra people know very well what the other person is thinking and are naturally approachable. At the same time, they will avoid the unbalanced life twists and turns, life and communication, and adopt the means instead of going to extremes.

Libra Positive Personality Traits

Libra is full of curiosity and desire for knowledge about the mysteries of all things. As long as it is an area that they have not been exposed to, they will have a desire to learn. When it comes to the choice of things, they are all very tasteful people and never follow the trend in pursuit of trendy things.

Libras are the embodiment of justice. They love to fight injustices and like to help the weak come forward to resolve unfair matters, although they are generally gentle and unwilling to cause trouble.

Libra Negative Personality Traits

Libras are very emotionally delicate. There are too many candidates to choose from, and they have to weigh the left and right, compare and analyze each point, and find the one with the highest score. After finding it, they will worry about other things, so it is difficult to make a decision.

One side of the scale is the new lover, the other side is the old lover. They like novelty and want to try new things. On the other hand, they can’t let go of their old lovers, and they don’t even want to see them have new loves. Libras love enjoyment and a comfortable, relaxed and high-quality life. They indeed lack the character of hard work.

What Kind of Person Does Libra Like?

Libra people like crowds and don’t like loneliness; they pursue spiritual belonging and an eternal haven throughout their lives. It’s just that they tend to look at simple things from the front and back, and the more they look at them, the more complicated they become.

The same is true for love. Although they seem gentle and popular on the surface, and they are generous and calm in getting along with others, in their hearts they are always weighing two things.

Libra is very realistic and very good at measuring a person. Basically, it is all about appearance, figure, ability, family background, clothing, taste, self-cultivation and other aspects.

Which Zodiac Sign is Libra Compatible With?

Leo and Libra Compatibility

When they first get together, they have a really vigorous love; but once the love period is over, some small conflicts will arise. For example, Leo always hopes that the two of them will be on the same page, but on the one hand, Libra does not want to disappoint his lover. On the other hand, he also has his own ideas, so there will inevitably be some small fights at this time, but this is also a way for the relationship between the two to heat up. In this way, continuous communication can lead to a deeper understanding of each other.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, so they are very similar. Although they are somewhat idealistic, Libra always feels that Aquarius has the world in mind.  The relationship between Libra and Aquarius will not be as vigorous as that between Libra and Leo, but it will be as gentle and stable as a long-term relationship. The two people can always be in tune with each other and understand each other, and their love is full of warmth and tenderness.

Gemini and Libra Compatibility

Gemini and Libra always have common topics and similar preferences, so they are always attracted to each other. In addition to being attracted by the same personalities, topics, etc., the warmth and optimism of Gemini are also particularly attractive to Libra. The Libra’s perseverance and the fusion of softness, sensibility and rationality also inspires Gemini. Libra and Gemini can always form a bond, and the deeper they get, the more they fall in love.

What Career or Profession is Suitable for Libra?

You are very good at hiding yourself, have great insight, and like to ask questions with answers. Although you look harmless, you may already know what you are thinking, and you have already drawn a clear line in your heart. You are suitable for jobs in the field of education, human resources specialists, management consultants, social or public relations jobs.

Libra is also the zodiac sign with the most handsome men and beautiful women according to data. Most Libras have their own unique aesthetics since childhood. They like to dress up, love all beautiful things and people, and can also create beauty to help others become beautiful. Libras make great beauticians, fashion designers, advertising practitioners, actors, musicians or artists and other beauty-related professions.

In short, Libra people usually have the characteristics of coordination, fairness, aesthetics, and aesthetics. They are suitable for jobs that require communication and coordination, such as being lawyers, advertising, diplomacy, education, social interaction, beauty, human resources, and other fields. They can use their talents and strengths in these areas.

Lucky color for Libra

Navy Blue for Libra

Libra’s lucky color is dark blue. Dark blue is a calming color, allowing Libras to make choices and decisions rationally and calmly. Dark blue is also the lucky color of Libra, which mainly promotes career development. Libras have a good temperament, good looks, and good interpersonal relationships. Dark blue itself is a very calm and calm color, and it can bring calm and excellent decisions to Libras.

Red for Libra

Libra’s second lucky color is red. Red represents enthusiasm, liveliness and emotional breakthroughs, which can make Libra more energetic and decision-making. Red is also the color of passion and fashion. Wearing red clothing can increase the good traits of Libra and leave a good impression on others.

Orange for Libra

Libra’s third lucky color is orange. Orange represents sunshine and brings warmth to Libras. Libras pursue fairness and justice, and orange can make them feel comfortable. In addition, orange also represents hope. Although Libras are usually low-key, they are easily overlooked in the workplace. Orange clothing can make them feel better and make others pay attention to them immediately.

Lucky Number for Libra

Lucky Number 6, 9, 17 for Libra

The lucky number 6 brings Libra the balance and harmony they seek. This number also symbolizes the importance of love, family, and social relationships. Therefore, Libra people often focus on maintaining good interpersonal relationships in life and strive to create a harmonious family environment. The lucky number 6 becomes a symbol of their pursuit of balance and happiness in all aspects.

Libra people lose opportunities that could have been in their hands because of being too indecisive. For Libras, they need to learn to tolerate imperfection and learn to accept their losses, so that they will not always feel regretful because they have not achieved the most perfect thing. Numbers with the number 9 can make Libra folk have a better mentality.

The number 17 can help Libra people stay away from those villains who harm them and no longer be slandered and bullied by others. It is also a good protection number for the soft-hearted Libra.

Best Crystals for Libra Zodiac Sign

Wealth Stone for Libra – Red Agate

Corresponding Chakra: Root Chakra

Helps Libras increase their wealth and improve their personal abilities and confidence, making it easier to achieve wealth stability and success.

Crystal Matching for Red Agate:

Jadeite: attracts wealth, improves self-esteem and self-confidence, and is suitable for Libras doing business, entrepreneurship and financial management

Citrine: Increases wisdom and understanding, promotes wealth growth and management, and is suitable for Libras engaged in finance, technology, education and other industries.

Obsidian: Eliminates negative energy, brings opportunities for innovation and success, and strengthens Libra’s interpersonal relationships and personal charm.

 Academic Stone for Libra – Aquamarine

Corresponding Chakra: Throat Chakra

Increases academic success and enhances Libra’s innovative thinking and inspiration.

Crystal Matching for Aquamarine:

Amethyst: Reduces study stress and fatigue, improves sleep quality and recovery ability.

Jade: Increases wisdom and academic skills, improves learning efficiency and academic performance.

Strawberry Quartz: Eliminates distracting thoughts and improves concentration and is suitable for Libras who need to study for a long time.

 Marriage Stone for Libra: Rose Quartz

Corresponding Chakra: Heart Chakra

Promotes the development of marriage and relationships, and increases the romance and creativity of Libras.

Crystal Matching for Rose Quartz:

Strawberry Quartz: Increases romantic emotions and attraction, triggers Libra’s perceptual values and aesthetic pursuits.

Tourmaline: Balances emotional fluctuations and mood swings, and strengthens marriage and love relationships.

Career Stone for Libra – Amethyst

Corresponding Chakra: Crown Chakra

Improves career achievements and workplace success, stimulates Libra’s wisdom and thinking, and improves decision-making and leadership.

Crystal Matching for Amethyst:

Sapphire: Improves thinking and creativity, suitable for Libras engaged in art, design, entertainment and other industries

Green Ghost: Enhance Libra’s decision-making and judgment, increase professional skills and teamwork capabilities

amethyst bracelet

Health Stone for Libra – Amethyst

Corresponding Chakra: Crown Chakra

Promotes physical recovery and psychological adjustment, and enhances Libra’s immunity.

Crystal Matching for Amethyst:

Ruby: Improves body resistance and immunity, helps heal physical diseases and enhances physical exercise.

Citrine: Improves senses and immunity, helps maintain physical health and mental balance.

Relationship Stone for Libra – Green Ghost

Corresponding chakra: Heart Chakra

Promotes interpersonal relationships and teamwork, and enhances Libra’s social skills and network resources.

Crystal Matching for Green Ghost:

Topaz: Increases popularity and social skills.

Kyanite: Increases interpersonal and communication skills, builds healthy relationships and teamwork

Each crystal has its own special energy. If you believe in the power of crystals, stay firm in your direction and work tirelessly, you will definitely have good luck!

Buy Libra Bracelet Set

The Libra energy stone bracelet set we have prepared for you:

Obsidian, Rhodochrosite, Amethyst, Opal, and Garnet.

Opal: Libra people are born with excellent understanding and artistic appreciation. Opal can help Libra bring these advantages to the extreme.

Obsidian: Libra’s body has poor resistance, and Obsidian can block illness for Libra.

Garnet: Libra has poor endurance and patience, while Garnet is a crystal that gives people more patience.

Rhodochrosite: Choice is the most difficult thing for them. Rhodochrosite can eliminate the depression and irritability of indecisiveness, and help Libra relieve the anxiety and irritability of choice.

Amethyst: Amethyst contains high energy and corresponds to the Third Eye chakra. It can promote the activity of brain cells and make the brain run faster, thereby developing intelligence, helping thinking, concentration, and enhancing memory. For people who need to use their brains for a long time, jewelry made of natural Amethyst is their best choice.

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