The aura is the energy field around each person’s body.
The chakras are the energy centers of the human body, they are the portals of life energy to the aura.
Their function is to revitalize the body and develop our sense of self.
Chakras are related to the interaction of our body, mind and emotions.
There are seven main chakras in our body, which form the central channel of the human body.

Chakra Self Test

The energy state of the chakras is dynamic, not static, and will change with our different stages and different physical and mental conditions.
First Chakra – Red – Root Chakra
Second Chakra – Orange – Reproductive Chakra
Third Chakra – Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra
Fourth Chakra – Green – Heart Chakra
Fifth Chakra – Blue – Throat Chakra
Sixth Chakra – Indigo – Ajna Chakra
Seventh Chakra – Purple – Crown Chakra

Chakras are not organs that actually exist, but refer to the energy gathering points of the whole body’s aura, just like acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. They are invisible, but they really exist. They are gateways to the heart and higher consciousness.
The first three chakras are the material basis for human beings to exist in the world, and are related to body consciousness.
The last three rounds are the spiritual foundation of human beings, which are related to self-awareness, soul and spirituality. The heart chakra is located in the middle, representing love, and is the bridge connecting humanity and divinity, matter and spirit.
The human body is like a small universe, which needs all-round care and balance of body, emotion and spirit. A person’s true health needs to achieve the balance of body, mind and spirit.

The balance of the upper three wheels and the lower three wheels

If the whole is balanced, we pay attention to the spiritual plane and the mind, but also to our body and material life. We have clear minds, visions and plans, trust in intuition, and can gradually manifest our intentions in this physical world.

If the energy is focused on the upper three chakras and the lower three chakras are weak, the person may be focusing on spiritual practice and detaching from the body. Or there are many ideas, concepts, and plans, but it is difficult to implement them in material life.

If the energy is concentrated in the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras are weak, we often see that many people try their best to pursue material security, money or power, while ignoring the spiritual world, and it is difficult to maintain inner peace.

The state of the heart chakra

The heart chakra is the connecting center of the lower three chakras and the upper three chakras, and it is also the bridge of transformation from the body to the spiritual level.
If the heart chakra is weak, it means that we are psychologically withdrawn, not open to the outside world, unable to accept and promote new changes.

Comparable chakras

Sun chakra (yellow) and brow chakra (purple) can be seen at the same time

The sun wheel corresponds to the sympathetic nerve, the degree of development of the left brain,
The brow chakra corresponds to the parasympathetic nerve, the degree of development of the right brain.

If the sun chakra and brow chakra are more balanced, it means that our left brain and right brain are more balanced.
If the sun chakra is strong and the brow chakra is weak, it means that we pay more attention to rationality and logic, and less use of the right brain and intuition.
If the brow chakra is strong and the sun chakra is weak, it means that we use more right brain and intuition, and less use of rational logic.

Navel chakra (orange) and throat chakra (blue) can be seen at the same time

If both the throat chakra and navel chakra are weak, it sometimes means that the inner child has more emotions and is less able to fully and truthfully express himself.
For example, when I was a child, my parents were strict with me, so I was very depressed inside, and I didn’t dare to say many things. This state for a long time will cause diseases in the physiological parts of the throat, such as thyroid, trachea and other problems.
When we heal the inner child through inner adjustment and growth, and go through the troubles of communication and expression, then we have harvested the creativity of the navel chakra and the awakening corresponding to the blue color of the throat chakra.

Relatively balanced, with high energy or low energy

Each stage presents the chakra energy differently. Our physical and mental states will all be different, high or low, just corresponding to different stages, there is no absolute good or bad.
If the energies of the chakras are balanced and strong, it means that we are currently full of vitality, actively pursuing and manifesting our goals.
If the energy of the chakras is relatively balanced, but the energy is not high, it means that at this stage we are in a stage of recuperation, focusing on the inner submersion, and the connection and interaction with the outside world is not very close for the time being.
It can focus on strengthening the sea chakra (the foundation of the chakra system), and then slowly drive the operation of other chakras.

Chakras with too much energy

If a chakra is particularly high in energy, the person will usually exhibit an energy field of that color, and his personality will reflect more of that chakra.

For example, people who are particularly active in the root chakra will show enthusiasm and drive.
People with particularly active manipura are caring and popular, but emotionally sensitive and easily influenced by the surrounding environment.
People with particularly active sun chakras are rational, planned, logical, and sometimes stubborn.
People with a particularly active heart chakra are approachable, energetic and positive.
People with particularly active throat chakra love to think and are good at expressing themselves. Sometimes they think too much and get stuck.
People with particularly active brow chakras are upright, value spiritual quality, and stick to their ideals.
People with particularly active crown chakra have strong intuition and are relatively peaceful.

If a chakra is overdeveloped, it can drain the upper and lower chakras. If one of the upper and lower chakras is low, you need to pay attention.

For example, the navel chakra is strong, but the sun chakra is weak.
It means that we are addicted to sensual and emotional enjoyment, but unable to use reason to control it.

Another example is that the sun chakra is strong, but the navel chakra is weak.
It means that we excessively apply the will to control the people and things around us, but cut off our emotional feelings. For example, a domineering leader imposes his will on his subordinates, but avoids the navel chakra to receive the emotions and dissatisfaction of his subordinates.

If there is too much excess in a certain chakra, in order to achieve balance, the excessive energy can be metabolized through the antidote color. Red and blue can be antidotes to each other; orange and indigo can metabolize each other; yellow and purple can also dissolve each other.

For example, if the energy of the root chakra is too high, you can use the blue color of the throat chakra to correct it; if the energy of the throat chakra is too high, you can use the red color of the root chakra to metabolize.

When the chakras are not opened

One chakra is not open

It is also a chakra that needs to be adjusted, and it can be adjusted according to the physical and mental level corresponding to this chakra.

Two chakras are not open

The state of the chakras presents our current issues.

For example, the navel chakra and the heart chakra are not open,
It may be related to issues of intimacy. For example, because of the emotional trauma in the past, the manipura chakra protects itself, avoids contact with others, the heart chakra is not smooth, and refuses to accept new changes and new partners.

The bottom chakra and crown chakra are not open,
The other chakras are very active, which means that he may be working in the wrong direction, focusing on an unrealistic goal, persistent and busy, but unable to land.

Chakra Practice Healing

Seven rounds of breathing to connect to the energy of the earth

This practice helps us to direct the energy flow in each chakra and assists us in purifying specific chakras and connecting with life energies while opening us up to higher levels of consciousness.

Preparation before practice:
Standing (preferably with bare feet) or sitting (back straight and relaxed), you can perform this exercise at the office or on the subway or bus home.

Visualize the green earth energy flowing upward from the center of the earth. This practice will be even more effective if you are standing in the sun.

Before performing the exercises, memorize the following steps clearly and try to relax your body as much as possible. The arms are free to move up and down with the breath or stay still.
As you inhale, visualize the green energy passing through the soles of your feet from bottom to top, and feel the energy of the earth filling your cells, nourishing everywhere the energy reaches. Slowly channel the green energy up the knees, then breathe it out down the soles of the feet and back to the center of the earth. (at your own pace)
The first inhale directs this green energy up to your root chakra, then exhale it back to the earth. Feel the energy covering your thighs, your knees, calves to your ankles and releasing down through the soles of your feet. When you are practicing, if you feel that you have difficulty connecting with any specific part of the body and cannot feel the feeling of being filled with energy, you can repeatedly and continuously inhale energy into those parts until you feel that you can continue below practice.
The second inhalation channels this energy up to your manipura and releases it back down to the earth. When channeling energy downwards, be sure to focus on each particular part of your body and not just skim over it. Visualize and feel the energy flowing down through your limbs, your muscles, your blood, bones, and cells.
On the third breath, channel this energy up to your solar plexus and feel it circulate and permeate this area. Here, a lot of people carry a lot of repressed emotions, and it has to do with our willpower, our sense of power, and our overall sense of who we are.

At your own pace, you may need to inhale into this area several times. Allow the healing energies of the earth to gently open up your solar plexus, loosening tension. When you feel relaxed and open, you can feel the warmth spreading there. That way you know you can move on.
The fourth breath draws energy up to your heart chakra, feel it permeate around your heart, feel it diffuse into your chest, your lungs, your bones. The heart chakra area carries many old emotions. Most of us hurt deeply here. Gently and gently let Mother Earth touch and comfort you here.
Breathe this as often as you need to until you feel warmth spreading, until you feel the area relax and open. Let all that pent up in you be released back to the earth and let it dissolve and go down through the soles of your feet back to the earth. Just as a mother is never hurt to soothe and accept the sorrows and troubles of her child, Mother Earth can never be hurt because you are so connected to her.
The fifth inhalation draws energy up to your throat chakra, feeling the energy surround, permeate and open this part – it has to do with your voice and the expression of your true self. Then exhale back down to the earth.
Inhale the sixth round of breathing energy up to your third eye – the brow chakra, feel this part. It connects to our spiritual insight, higher awareness and intuitive abilities; to feel this part open, to be gently touched and connected to Mother Earth, and to breathe down and give back to Earth.
With one last breath, channel the energy all the way up to your crown chakra, feeling the top of your head open to spiritual guidance and cosmic light. Feel the gentle caress of Mother Earth’s energies and activate this area, rooting you as a child of Earth and the Universe. Bathe your cheeks, your skull, your brain, your glands and your hair with this green nourishing light, connecting you with all life. On the final exhale, feel the energy flow down through your arms and out into the earth through your palms.

Here we create a complete energy cycle. At this moment you are connected to the energy that sustains your life and it has always been there for you.
We have handpicked here for you, energy stone bracelet for each chakra at the same time, this powerful green life energy can help you heal, rejuvenate and balance your whole being.

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