Citrine is called “Crystal Yellow Gemstone“. It has strong energy. The vibration frequency of its energy affects the solar plexus of human beings. It is projective energy, which belongs to the sun and fire.

Origin and characteristics of citrine

There are many origins of citrine, such as Madagascar, Uruguay, Brazil, Zambia and other countries, and among these origins, the citrine of Brazil is the most famous.

As one of the main producing areas of natural citrine, Brazil also produces a large amount of citrine. Citrine is regarded as the most valuable in dark orange. Its color is rich and mellow, and it is a symbol of status. In ancient my country, only the emperor’s clothing was in this color, and ordinary civilians were forbidden to wear this royal exclusive. color. The citrine produced in Brazil has a deep color, more transparent crystals, and few cloudy gas-liquid inclusions.

Citrine is the stone of wealth

Gem-quality citrine is extremely rare, with orange as the best. This type of citrine has strong energy, commonly known as the stone of wealth, which can enhance the yellow light in the aura, which will affect material life and wealth. Therefore, placing citrine with the wealth position in the home or office can greatly enhance wealth.

The effect of citrine on emotions

Yellow crystals can relieve tension, inject harmonious power into people’s hearts, strengthen aura, and make people full of confidence and joy. Therefore, it is very good for people who lack self-confidence to wear. It can help them increase self-confidence and cheer up people. .
But it needs to be explained that it is suitable for people who lack self-confidence, but it is not suitable for people who are conceited. People who are conceited and self-confident may become more expensive after wearing it, and finally offend their friends.

Citrine is the birthstone of November

Westerners regard citrine as the birthstone of November, known as the “stone of friendship”, which represents sincerity and perseverance, beauty and intelligence, and symbolizes wealth and vitality. Citrine is suitable for the zodiac signs of Aries and Cancer.

Which zodiac signs are citrine most suitable for?

For the rampant, irritable and irritable Aries, it is indispensable to use citrine to calm emotions.
Aries people are born from March 21st to April 20th every year. The essence of Mars is masculine. It is a fiery red celestial body in the sky and gives people a sense of bravery. Therefore, it is named after Ares, the god of war, which symbolizes courage, strength, fighting spirit and masculinity. Charm, in charge of individual drive and desire, has a certain influence on groups.

Gastrointestinal and liver diseases are common problems of cancer, and citrine can effectively improve these problems.
Cancer people are born between June 22 and July 22 every year, and the moon has a greater influence on personal feelings than the sun. Among the astronomical phenomena, the moon changes the most, with periodic ups and downs, which represent emotional changes, emotional ups and downs, and the repeated appearance of love and hate. The moon represents the inner world that dominates us, and is the astronomical expression of human nature and instinct. The moon rules Cancer, the moon is also the guardian of motherhood, and lighting equipment is the lucky thing for Cancer.

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