If your crystal collection is missing out on a unique and rare stone, consider Sugilite as an addition. This beautiful, vivid purple gemstone looks remarkably attractive, working as a powerful tool to transform your life for good. 

Sugilite is also believed to elevate your deep spiritual love, provided you wear it properly. 

So, are you geared up to unlock a Sugilite’s secrets? Keep reading to explore the fascinating meaning, history, and jaw-dropping healing properties of this crystal. By the end, you will also know the best way to use it to reap all its wonderful benefits. 

What Is Sugilite? 

While looking for a rare gemstone, has a crystal with a unique magenta color ever caught your attention? This is Sugilite, a cyclosilicate crystal with prismatic crystals. 

Since it contains manganese, Sugilite features a rare color theme that you may not spot in any other gem. 

Discovered in 1944 by a geologist, Ken-ichi Sugi, Sugilite is accurately pronounced as SOO-ghee-lite. The crystal’s title resembles the name of its Japanese founder. 

You can also refer to this amazing stone as Luvulite or Royal Azel. 

Where Is Sugilite Found?

The rare stone is usually located in the Wessels mine found in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa

You can also find Sugilite in a few reported places of Italy, India, and Australia. 

Sugilite Spiritual Meaning

Sugilite stands for spiritual growth and love, and that’s what it is often used for, too. 

It is believed to produce positive energy, helping the wearer to overcome all negative situations and emotions. You can use it to relieve stress and anxiety. It also helps develop peace and harmony in your mind and body. 

With so much to offer, Sugilite has been the favorite stone of various people worldwide. In fact, most call it the love stone of the modern age, as it helps you embrace the bigger picture of spiritual love. 

Is Sugilite Expensive? 

Unfortunately, it is. The stone has a very limited demand. Plus, the entire process of mining the crystal is pretty challenging, making the stone very precious and expensive. 

However, if you have the funds to buy it, do it because Sugilite has the power to give you the life you always wanted. 

Is Sugilite a Birthstone?

The stone isn’t a conventional birthstone. However, it is great for people with Virgo as their zodiac sign. 

Since Virgos are creative, dynamic, and caring, Sugilite helps them release their heavy negative sensations and flourish like bright flowers. 

Plus, the stone’s remarkable energies allow the Virgo in you to focus and yet be socially closed. 

What Is Sugilite Good for? The Beautiful Crystal’s Fantastic Healing Properties

Do you often find yourself soaking the energies of people around you? This is a common problem with sensitive people. However, thankfully, with nurturing stones like Sugilite, you can keep your heart and mind safe by protecting it with a shield of light. 

The purple power crystal shares most properties of other stones of the same color. Like its fellow colored crystals, Sugilite cleanses your crown chakra while providing you with third-eye wisdom. 

Here are a few healing benefits that you can expect the stone to offer you. 

Physical Healing

Sugilite is just the right stone to connect your body with the spirit. You can use it to balance your nervous system, calm your tired or overactive nerves, and let go of any fear that might be leading to chronic illnesses. 

Sugilite Bracelet

If you are a patient with PTSD or paranoia, know that by using Sugilite, you can feel less shattered. Plus, since the stone helps you sleep better, you may get rid of insomnia in real-time. 

Moreover, the high quantity of manganese found in the stone makes it an excellent pain reliever. 

Whether you suffer from continuous headaches, severe muscle tension, or a lack of physical stamina, the great composition of Sugilite makes it a wonderful therapy for your pains. However, make sure to always see a doctor first and take your required medication side by side.

Emotional Healing

This chaotic world can drain your emotional energies, making you vulnerable and weak. If you agree, you may want to add Sugilite to your stone collection for some much-needed healing and strengthening. 

Sugilite is soaked with love, encouraging the development of deep bonds among people. Its nurturing energy can cut off any intrusive thoughts that you may have in your mind. 

Besides, it decreases all proportions of fear-based behaviors and any probability of codependency you may have. 

Sugilite Bracelet

If you suffer from the slightest hints of greediness, know that a Sugilite can help you reduce it, elevating your giving powers. The crystal also helps you feel lighter by letting off relationships that may not mean anything now. 

Finally, by wearing this stone, you feel more worthy of all the good things you gain. Sugilite makes you feel much supported and loved, helping you realize your life’s true meaning and the importance of the people around you. 

Metaphysical Healing

There is a lot more to this stone than just its beautiful physical attributes. Sugilite soars with spirituality, and whoever wears or uses it feels calm and closer to the divine force. 

Since the gemstone facilitates spiritual growth, you will feel more at peace after using it. 

Sugilite unblocks the aches and pains between your heart and chakras. Besides, it elevates your wisdom by cleansing the third eye chakra. 

The precious gemstone also purifies your crown chakra, soaring light and love across your body. 

One of the amazing features of this unique crystal is its violet flame. It burns down all the past traumas, negative attachments, and bad karma energies that might pull you back from your life goals. 

To put it simply, by welcoming a Sugilite stone into your life, you can cleanse your system to love, live, and laugh. It channels love and power in your body, allowing you to be your best version, always. 

Using Sugilite in the Best Possible Way

Have we convinced you of the great abilities of a Sugilite crystal? Is it true that you can’t wait to bring the crystal home? 

We can’t blame you for this excitement. After all, Sugilite is definitely worthy of all the love and attention. 

However, you can’t benefit from it until you don’t use it properly. Yes, there are some rules to utilize the stone in the best possible way and extract all its goodness. 

Sugilite: Discover its Meaning, Healing Properties, and Uses

For instance, if you wish to wear the gemstone, use it as a necklace or a bracelet. This is because the closer you wear it to your skin, the more power it will generate. 

Additionally, Sugilite can also be used for meditation and reiki healing. By using the stone for these two methods of spiritual and physical growth, you can enhance your experiences and notice a huge difference in your positive attitude. 

Sugilite can make a great stone to place in your bedroom, where you spend more of your time relaxing. You can place the crystal under your pillow every night for relaxing dreams and smooth sleep. 

Pair It With Other Gems

It is always a great idea to pair stones together and enjoy their amplified power. In the case of Sugilite, you can use it with Hematite or Amethyst crystals to illuminate your stone’s existing energy. 

Other popular gems like Fluorite and Tourmaline also work well with your precious Sugilite. 

Cleanse Your Sugilite

Did your stone fail to perform as expected? Instead of blaming a Sugilite for its inabilities, look for ways to cleanse and charge it so it does its job well. 

Here are some ways in which you can do that. 

  • Water is a Sugilite’s ruling element. Therefore, it makes sense to use lukewarm water to cleanse the stone. Simply hold the crystal in your hand and run tap water over it for 10 to 20 minutes. 
  • You can also charge Sugilite with fire. Hold the stone at a safe distance from a lit candle, letting the flame ignite it for 60 seconds. 
  • Air helps cleanse the gemstone, too. Use the art of aromatherapy to give your Sugilite its natural powers. 

Does Wearing a Sugilite Have Any Side Effects? 

In rare cases, Sugilite may not work for some people. 

For instance, by wearing it regularly, you may feel extreme and continuous exhaustion. This is because the crystal has very high vibrations, making you feel tired and drained. 

Similarly, while it generally helps improve sleep, in a few scenarios, Sugilite may generate psychic visions. This is an unfortunate and bittersweet property of the crystal, resulting in a loss of sleep for days. 

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to add Sugilite to your crystal stash? The stone doesn’t only exhibit beauty. It also possesses lots of properties, giving you a new life as you use it regularly. 

Sugilite is a lot more expensive than most other purple crystals. However, that’s what makes it unique and special. 

Make sure you use the stone as mentioned in the article above. If you experience any of the side effects, ensure to remove the stone and visit a doctor for a cure.

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